OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlongside the more everyday items on our list of equipment that we are slowly accumulating for next Saturday’s departure, such as warm hat, walking trousers, and underwear (on reading the latter, my first thought was: ‘this seems to be stating the obvious – are they worried we are going to trek commando?’ and then ‘just what kind of trek have we signed up for here?!’ but it’s ok, they mean the vital thermal layer of clothing!) , there are a few more unusual entries. Superglue, for one – as the list states ‘skin will crack easily; superglue is then of great help’ – hmmm, there sounds the possibility of getting into all kinds of trouble with that one. Then there’s 10m of 2mm cord and several short straps – now that’s in danger of sounding a bit ’50 Shades of Grey’ to me. (And, no, I haven’t read it…

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