Now I know why I’m working on Saffron Magazine – for the best sourdough bread ever….

Bill's perfect sourdough breadI’ve always loved working in food. I’ve found that people in the business tend to have an appreciation of the good things in life – it’s what makes them tick, gets them out of bed in the morning, and sends them on endless quests for the best, tastiest, finest……

By happy circumstance three such people have come together in Kent to produce a new food magazine, Saffron. On Wednesday we had a planning meeting to discuss features for Issue 2, due out midsummer 2013. After an enjoyably productive session, designer and photographer Bill, at whose house we met, casually handed me a loaf of the bread he had made overnight to take away with me – the perfect goodie bag in a crust. Today it made one of the finest bacon sandwiches ever.Image

Now I have to know how to make that wonderful bread – sourdough, a two day process, and with a crumb, fine crust and flavour to die for. I will be pinning Bill down in the very near future, am maybe planning to keep him locked in his kitchen until he divulges his secrets to me. Then I will share this information with all of you through the pages of Saffron (hopefully with video footage to run alongside) – and great bread could be yours.

What’s more, Bill knows a lot about another personal passion – pig keeping. Could be the ideal man to keep me in bacon sandwiches in the style to which I want to become accustomed. It’s got the makings of a truly great working relationship.

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Food writer, traveller, grower, picker, gatherer, cook...oh and still a busy mum
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