There’s always another hill to climb….

I can’t wait to see what sister Jane’s garden will be like as we discussed details as we trekked surrounded by wonderful Himalayan plants all rushing into bloom for their spring and summer….

Old Dog. New Tricks

Doing this course at KLC is very much like trekking to Base Camp.

You’re climbing a very steep hill, you’ve got your eyes fixed on the top, it looks a very long way off, you try to find the best way up, you wonder if you’re going to make it…. Finally, out of breath and ready to drop, you get to the top.

Oh look, it’s not the top after all. There’s a whole other hill to climb…..

We thought the Planting Combinations File was the killer. But our latest project, the Concept Garden Project is showing some teeth. It was set on our first day back after Easter. We’ve been given two weeks to complete it, with the presentation of our plans on the day after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Piece of cake, I thought. (I’d already got my idea, been thinking about it for ages.) My theme is…

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