You cant climb Everest on an empty stomach (cont)

In case you missed it when the summer Saffron issue came out, here’s my piece on eating my way up to Everest Base Camp….


Here’s the piece I wrote for the second issue of Saffron Magazine (it came out in August) in full, in case you haven’t gone out and bought the app!

Chips and chocolate cake – you can’t climb Everest on an empty stomach

When it comes to travelling, I would put good local food right at the top of my list of priorities. So much so that I’m renowned in my family for planning every meal of a holiday with the precision of a military campaign to ensure I don’t miss out on sampling the very best, whether in a market, restaurant or local shop. But last April I arrived back from a three-week trip to the Himalayas, having subsisted for most of the time on Mars bars and egg and chips, and thinner than when I had set out! So what had caused this change of tack?

Back in April…

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