There’s something fishy down at Penshurst….


We’re cooking great fish at Penshurst Market…

The spring sun has finally started to shine, that biting arctic wind has at last stopped blowing, and this weekend – Saturday May 7th between 9.30 and 12 – I’ll be celebrating the arrival of spring eating by cooking up some of the best fish from the seas around the south coast, with my partner in crime, Paul ‘the Fish’ Saxby of Arcade Fisheries, all in the glorious setting of Penshurst Farmers’ Market. And the weather forecast is looking promising as I write…

Good fish needs very simple cooking. The aim for the cook should be to preserve and enhance the flavour, which should never be overly ‘fishy’ but clean, fragrant and pleasing, whilst keeping the texture of the flesh by not overcooking. And the best way to keep both the flavour and texture at their peak is to cook fish on the bone.


However many of us have an understandable fear of both handling and eating fish in its whole state. With their heads, innards and fins, they seem hard to manage, and then of course there are worries about bones and choking. Learning the basics about the anatomy of different fish, flat or round, is easy, so we can prepare, cook and eat them all with confidence. To show just how easy it should be, on Saturday Paul will be talking about the different types of fish and how to prepare them to cook whole, and I will be cooking some of them on the bone, both whole and as pieces, to show just how easy it can be, and how delicious…

We’ll also be showcasing some of the wonderful ingredients on offer from other stalls at the market that make the perfect partners for the fish we are using, so come along with any questions you might have about cooking fish and try (and buy!) some truly great British produce at its very best…


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