About me..

Here I am – a not-so-busy as a mum anymore but empty nesting means life has other plans….

Here’s something about Mary…

Lucky me – I’ve always worked with, and loved, food. Having cooked at home all through my teens, after school I headed off for a year’s diploma course at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, then open for just a year. From there I went on to work at the Good Housekeeping Institute as a junior writer on GH Magazine. Four years spent travelling in the Far and Middle East expanded my culinary horizons, after which I came home to return to the wonderful world of magazines.

I’ve been fortunate to work for top notch publications – amongst them Woman and Home (as Deputy Food Editor), BBC Good Food (for whom I launched Vegetarian Good Food as editor), and The M&S Magazine, which I edited for two years. During this (very busy!) period I had two daughters and wrote three cookery books, appeared on the sofa with Richard and Judy, and cooked at the NEC with chefs such as Paul Gayler, Rick Stein and Brian Turner.

Finding single parenthood and full-time working incompatible, I struck out on my own as a freelancer and became a consultant editor on Waitrose publications. (I still work with Waitrose now, twenty years on, as a regular contributor to their publications.) During this period I also trained magazine journalists in skills ranging from feature writing to managing clients and processes, working for highly regarded training company, ETC (Editorial Training Consultants) with clients from the BBC to Future Publishing and Yellow Pages.

However I found I increasingly missed the doing, especially writing about (and cooking!) food. So, in early 2009, I started writing features for The Wealden Times Magazine here in Kent and Sussex, and producing recipe cards for Waitrose. All of which reminded me of what I had always really loved the most – cooking for, and eating with, my family. But as a busy working mum since my daughters were babies, time and budget had always been an ongoing challenge when it came to feeding the family. So, using all that experience gained over the years, I wrote The Busy Mum’s Cookbook (Simon & Schuster), which came out in August 2011, followed in January 2013 by its vegetarian sequel.

2014 found me working harder than ever. And taking on two big book projects, one after the other. But luckily both have been a privilege to work on, and by coincidence they come out just a week apart in March 2015. The first seemed like my dream project as I launched into the research for it back in 2013. The year 2015 was the hundredth anniversary of the setting up of The Women’s Institute. And I was commissioned to write their centenary cookbook, The WI Cookery Book: The First 100 Years. It wasn’t just any cookery book either but a social commentary told through the medium of 100 emblematic recipes that each sheds a fascinating light on the period, providing a fresh way of examining the role of women at the time. I so enjoyed becoming totally immersed in the WI archive as I researched back through magazines, books, letters and documents. It also happens to be a really good cookery book too with plenty of wonderful recipes!

Hanging out with Prue, Matthew and Oliver on GBM
Hanging out with Prue, Matthew and Oliver on GBM

Writing the centenary book has also led me to another very special experience – appearing as a guest judge on the latest series of one of my favourite TV food shows, Great British Menu  aired on BBC2 in July 2015. Commemorating 100 years of the Women’s Institute, chefs from around the country took on the task of cooking banquet-style dishes that paid tribute to the home cooking for which the WI is famous. Filming was both fascinating and exhilarating, and as a long-term fan of the programme, I now admire and respect the chefs who took on the challenge of producing 21st-century dishes to honour what the BBC calls “the custodians of first-class home cooking”, even more than previously. And I got to eat some spectacular dishes in the process.

Project number two proved to be even more intense but for me as a writer, it was one of the most enjoyable and interesting I have worked on. Researching and writing Back in Time for Dinner was a joy from start to finish (if a very, very intense one!), which allowed me to revisit my lifetime enjoyment of and interest in food from childhood on through a career as a food writer and working mother during the second half of the last century.

In fascinating detail this book explored the changes taking place over fifty years of family dining, supporting the BBC 2 series of the same name. This followed one modern 21st century family from east London (and their kitchen!), as, thanks to the magic of television, they travelled across half a century of family dining from 1950 to 2000, guided through by Giles Coren and food historian Polly Russell. I myself had fun being a guest at a 1970’s dinner party filmed for the 70s episode (admittedly I would have been only 13 in the year the party took place!) but oh, the orange flowery wallpaper, lava lamp and dodgy white wine brought back memories, and mostly good ones!

Now with books put to bed and the lengthy renovation work on my 15th century cottage all completed, I can get back to my other enthusiasms. I’m happily writing a monthly seasonal eating column for Waitrose Weekend newspaper, continuing my long-standing relationship with the great team at Waitrose. And writing recipes, which is what I love doing most.

A big fan of local food and producers, I am also chairing the committee of the Penshurst Farmers’ Market (voted one of the top 10 farmers markets in the country by The Times in 2010) and have just joined the board of the Kent Farmers Market Association.

Away from food, I’ve taken a step to learn a new skill at this stage of life.  Yoga has been a comfort and pleasure over the last 20 years; in fact it’s kept me sane though all the challenges that life has thrown at me in that time. And in 2016 I set out on a new adventure when I started a two year teacher training course with Simon Low at The Yoga Academy. I’ve loved every minute of it, although my brain struggled with retaining all those terms for anatomy and Sanskrit names for poses. I qualified aas a teacher in November and am fascinated to see where the experience takes me. Maybe a yoga and cookery book for busy people, who knows?

So with daughters all grown-up and life settling down after several challenging years of family ups and downs, I have time to explore life a bit more. And if I’m lucky, write all about it too….in this blog when I find the time.

10 Responses to About me..

  1. mrssmusings says:

    Love your blog ! Will follow with pleasure !

    • marygwynn says:

      Thanks so much for your nice comment. I’ve been neglecting this a bit recently as I’m working on a new book project but hope to be a bit more consistent from now!

  2. myTaste says:


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  3. Sarah says:

    Hello and I’m Sarah and work at Recipe This.

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I have just seen your The WI Cookbook: The First 100 Years ebook on Amazon.co.uk and feel it would make a great partner for RecipeThis.com. We are a family cookery blog that gets the majority of its visitors from the UK, USA & Australia via social media, SEO and word of mouth. We also have an Alexa rank in the top 140,000 which shows that we are a quality site that Alexa endorses.

    We are working with a range of book/ebook sellers to expand people’s recipe knowledge. I want to find a few recipe ebook owners that I can work with as a partnership. I would like to publish one of the recipes from your ebook, test it out and show my results and review your book. We would then publish the recipe on our blog at recipethis.com and would then encourage people to buy your ebook via our Amazon affiliate link.

    And of course we will heavily promote the review so that we can make affiliate commissions and so that YOU can get more sales for your book.

    The price we charge for this is very low and it is just $125.00 + a copy of the ebook. Also we will include a free review on Amazon to help with your status in the review rankings.


    Special offer (just for March) we are currently offering our two part review service for half price strictly for those booked through me. Simply quote “sarahcoupon” and we will forward you a reduced price link.

    Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and then we can get started. I am really keen to show my readers all about the different ebooks that are available.

    Kind regards


    • marygwynn says:

      Hi Sarah

      Thanks for getting in touch about the WI Cookbook. I’ve sent your note on to the publisher as I was paid a fee for writing the book and am not on a royalty as it all goes to the WI. It is up to Ebury if they want to promote the book through your site so you may here from them if they think it’s a good idea.

      Best wishes


  4. Margareth Slöjdare says:

    Hello Mary!
    I am Margareth fr.o.m. Sweden. Me and My friend Gunvor worked in your home as aupairs 1966 (50 years ago) !!
    We are in London a few days in april and maybe we could see each other for a cup of coffee!! Looking forward to hear from you!! Regards Margareth Slöjdare

    • marygwynn says:

      Hi Margareth
      That’s incredible. I think I remember we had two au pairs at once back then but it’s a very long time ago. I don’t get into London that much as I am settled in the country so probably won’t be able to see you in April but I hope you enjoy your trip.
      Best wishes

  5. Margareth Slöjdare says:

    Hi Mary! Thanks for the answer. Wish you and your sisters a good spring and summer.
    Margareth 🙋

  6. nigel bishop says:

    Little to do with food or cooking… but are you by any chance the daughter of Peter, my old boss in St James’s Square and then again later in New York? You have the same twinkle in your eyes!

    • marygwynn says:

      Hi Nigel yes, that’s my dad – and lovely to be recognised for his twinkle! It was so much a part of him. Sadly we lost him and my mum seven years ago and they are both much missed.

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